Wolf Mountain Estates

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About the POA


Linda Groover

Bill Reese

Kevin Cronin

Buddy Freeman

Officers at Large
Susan Horvath, Chip Wildy, Tom McKeeby


Wolf Mountain's POA board members are experienced in managing domestic and commercial properties. Our committees with their mission statements follow:

Clubhouse Committee

Mission Statement: Manage maintenance and review and recommend improvements of the community clubhouse.

Covenants and By-laws Committee

Mission Statement: Review, record, and recommend revisions as needed to the Wolf Mountain Estates POA covenants and by-laws.

Directory Committee

Mission Statement: Maintain POA membership directory.

Finance Committee

Mission Statement: Maintain financial records of Wolf Mountain, send out annual dues, pay all bills, and maintain records of Wolf Mountain membership.

Newsletter Committee

Mission Statement: Create and publish a WME quarterly newsletter.

Nominating Committee

Mission Statement: Seek out and submit candidates to serve on the WME Board of Directors.

Road Committee

Mission Statement: Ensure the investment of the property owners is protected while meeting critical road safety and environmental standards. Additionally, review potential increases to road impact fees, as needed.

Rules & Regulations Committee

Mission Statement: Review, record and recommend revisions as needed to the Guidelines and Reminders.

Security & Safety Committee

Mission Statement: Research and recommend improvements or changes on all issues related to security and safety in Wolf Mountain Estates.

Social Events Committee

Mission Statement: Manage quarterly community events.

Sunshine Group

Mission Statement: Provide support to WME property owners during times of need.

Website Committee

Mission Statement: Create and maintain all activity on the Wolf Mountain website.

Welcome Committee

Mission Statement: Welcome new property owners to Wolf Mountain Estates.

Our goal is to maintain property value for all owners. We appreciate each owner who serves on the board and committees and thank them for their hard work to make Wolf Mountain an outstanding development.